5th grade Return and Retrieve, Wed. May 20th

Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln Public Schools

SUBJECT: 5th Graders Returning & Retrieving Items at School

Dear 5th grade families,

As the school year comes to a close, we want to provide your 5th grader the opportunity to come to school to return any LPS items they have at home and to retrieve their personal belongings.  Lincoln Public Schools has compiled a checklist for your convenience.  Students in Preschool-4th grade and siblings of 5th graders will not be participating in the return and retrieve plan.  They will get their belongings at another time when safety precautions are lessened. 

Return & Retrieve Date:  Wednesday, May 20, 2020

(9 to 10 – Hennig’s class / 10 to 11 Lambe’s class / 11 to 12 Podraza’s class)

Drive-through only

Rain Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020 (will be communicated by principal)

NOTE:  5th graders keep their Chromebook and charger.  They will take them to 6th grade in the fall.

5th Graders Checklist / Return List…

  • Musical instrument owned by the school (loaned to student through fee waiver)
  • School textbooks
  • LPS library books
  • Classroom library books belonging to the teacher
  • Anything else that belongs to the school or teacher
  • Do not return your Chromebook and charger (Keep for 6th grade

             unless you are moving and will not return  to LPS in the fall)

This return and retrieve process will be drive-through only.  

  • Students and families will not come into the building
  • The drive through will be located in the *East Staff Parking Area. We’ll use door #18 to help facilitate pickup.
  • A walk-up station will be on site for anyone biking or walking to the school
  • To minimize the number of people gathering at one time, we will follow the schedule below. If you are not able to come at that assigned time, please come at a time that works for your family

Return & Retrieve Date:  Wednesday, May 20, 2020

(9 to 10 – Hennig’s class / 10 to 11 Lambe’s class / 11 to 12 Podraza’s class)

  • To ensure safe health practices, we want the pick up process to be quick and efficient.
    • Stay in your vehicle
    • Masks and gloves are recommended
    • Have items to return to school in the trunk, if possible
    • Follow the traffic pattern and directions from school staff wearing safety vests
    • Smiles, waves and warm greetings are welcome
    • Please no high fives, hugs, fist bumps for school staff
    • There will not be time for questions, visiting or conferencing.  Please contact your child’s teacher through email or by calling the school office if you have questions

We appreciate your partnership in supporting your child’s education at home.  We know this has been a very unusual time and we hope our efforts to engage your student in learning opportunities has been helpful. 

Thank you for your help!  Please call the school office if you have questions regarding the return and retrieve process. 

(402) 436 – 1143

We can’t wait to see our 5th graders on Wednesday, May 20th!


Tim Muggy, Proud Principal

Holmes Elementary School


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