Nov 9, evening message from Mr Muggy

November 9, 2020

Good evening! This is Principal Tim Muggy calling with a friendly reminder…

Just recently, the LPS Board of Education voted to change the Student School Calendar to give teachers additional time to plan and gather materials for Remote Learners.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10th is an Early Release Date.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10, all Elementary Students in all elementary schools will be released at 1:33 PM so teachers can meet, plan and gather materials for Remote Learners.

Parents are asked to please make arrangements for student pick-up at 1:33 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10th.

Also, our All-Day Early Childhood class will dismiss at 12:15 PM.

Our AM Early Childhood class will also dismiss at 12:15 PM.

Our PM Early Childhood class will not be in session.

PLC Early Out Dates…                       Remote Learning Packet Pick-up Dates…

November 10, 24                                  November 6, 13

December 15                                        December 4, 18

January 12, 26                                      January 15, 29

February 9, 23                                      February 12, 26

March 16, 30                                        March 19

April 13, 27                                           April 1, 16, 30

                                                            May 14 (For Packet Drop Off Only)

Thank you for being the thoughtful, supportive parents that you are…

As always, we thank you for your support!

Goooooooooooo Hedgehogs!

Tim Muggy, Proud Principal

Holmes Elementary School

Holmes students are kind!

Holmes students are strong!

Holmes students are brave!

Holmes students are cared for!