School Messenger 4-11-21

School Messenger

April 11, 2021

Good evening! This is Principal Tim Muggy calling with three important messages…

*First, I’d like to share that Tuesday, April 13th is an early release date. On Tuesday, April 13th all K-5 students will be released at 1:33 PM so that teachers can participate in Professional Learning Communities.

Also, a reminder to our Early Childhood families that Early Childhood classes will have an adjusted schedule on April 13th. Our PM class will meet in the AM. AM class will not meet. And Full day class will dismiss at 12:15.

PLC Early Out Dates…  

April 13, 27

*Secondly, I’d like to remind parents that our next Remote Learning Packet Pick-up date will be this coming Friday, April 16th.

Remote Learning Packet Pick-up Dates…

April 16, 30

And lastly, I’d like to remind parents that Holmes will once again host voting on Tuesday, May 4th.

Voting will take place at Holmes Elementary School in our Office Hallway. Voters may park in the southwest parking area or on the street and enter through door #1..

Students will need to enter through Door #4 for breakfast, or should go directly to the walking track first thing in the morning. Door #4 is located on the southwest side of the building.

Students will enter through Door #4 and go to their indoor waiting areas should the weather be inclement.

At the end of the day…

5th graders will exit out of their playground doors during dismissal and move to the south of the building as normal.

3rd grade will exit out of their playground doors during dismissal and move to the south of the building to their normal dismissal area.

1st grade will exit out door #18 and move to their normal dismissal waiting area.

We thank our good parents for always being patient and supportive as Holmes works to support its voting community.

Thank you for your support!

Holmes students are kind!

Holmes students are strong!

Holmes students are brave!

Holmes students are cared for!