Celebration Fridays 20-21

We celebrate our students and their hard work on Fridays by giving out the following awards.
The Holmes Hello / Howdy Award! – Is given to a student representative for starting the day by greeting others on a regular basis… “Good morning Mr. Muggy!” This helps to promote a positive beginning to the day!
The Holmes Rock’en Recess Award! – Is given to a student representative who includes others during recess, is positive and friendly and a good sport!
The Holmes Everyday Hero Award! – Is given to a student representative who displays respect and responsibility, someone who is considered a good role model!
The Holmes Got Grit Award! – Is given to a student representative who works hard even when the work is hard. This person perseveres and doesn’t give up even if they want to!
The Holmes Albert Einstein Award! – Goes to a classroom who tried their best and took their time while taking an important assessment!
The Holmes Great Golden Trashcan Award! – Goes to a classroom who picks up after themselves and helps our custodians by putting things away.

FrIdAy May 7th, 2021!!!

Hello/Howdy:  Mung – Mrs. Poehlman and Raya – Mrs. Jones
Everyday Hero:  Emma – Mrs. Behne
Rock’en Recess:  Betty – Ms. West
Got Grit:  Faith – Ms. West
Golden Trash Can:  Ms. Spilker

FridaY April 30, 2021!!!!

Friday April 23, 2021!!!

Friday April 16, 2021!!

Friday April 9, 2021!!!

Friday Mar. 26, 2021!!!!!

Friday Mar. 19, 2021!!!!

Friday Mar. 5, 2021!!!

Friday Feb. 26, 2021!!!!

KINDEST Classroom-February 2021

Mrs Ehlers’ 1st grade is February’s Kindest Classroom!!!

Friday, Feb. 12, 2021!!!

Friday, Feb. 5, 2021!!!

KINDEST CLASS-January 2021!!

Thank you to Ms Bergen’s 1st grade class! You are making Holmes a kinder place!!

Friday, Jan 15/22, 2021!!!!!!

Friday, Jan 8, 2021!!!!!

Friday, Dec 18, 2020!!!

Friday, Dec 4, 2020!!


Friday, Nov. 20th, 2020!!!

Friday, Nov. 13th, 2020!!

October’s Kindest Classroom!!!

Friday Oct 9, 2020!!!!

Friday Oct. 2, 2020!!

Friday Sept 25, 2020!!

Friday Sept 11, 2020!!

Friday Sept 4, 2020!!!

Friday Aug 28, 2020!!!

Friday Aug 21, 2020!!!